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It is may indicate similar pathways in the brains of fruit flies and humans.

‘it is may indicate similar pathways in the brains of fruit flies and humans, which we now have a simple reductionist model, with all the genetic tools that go along with it this drug try to understand what exactly this drug is doing, ‘he said. – ‘We know that this drug affects different ways Now we’re really trying to ask, how does this affect other brain phenomena such to translate nerve cells talk to each other, it will help us form the bigger picture. ‘.

– Nanomaterials are the 21st century revolution, said Los Alamos toxicologist Rashi Iyer, the principal research lead and coauthor of the paper. We are going to have to live with them and deal with them, and the question: How can we maximize our use of these materials and minimize their impact on us and our environment? .. Engineered carbon nanoparticles that contain fullerenes , are increasing worldwide in use. Each buckyball is a skeletal cage of carbon about the size of a virus. They show potential for creating stronger, lighter structures or as tiny delivery mechanisms for designer drugs or antibiotics, among other uses.Pewter conducted the study with Principal Investigator of Dana B. Mukamel , University of California, and David L. Weimer of University of Wisconsin – in Madison and William Spector of the federal Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.

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