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Trasndermal drug delivery was also been gaining momentum as certain applications

Trasndermal drug delivery was also been gaining momentum as certain applications, contraceptive patches, have proven to be as effective as their oral counterparts Cancer painkillers. Fentanyl – has experienced transdermally and delivered increased inclusion because of its convenience Neurological and diabetes medications are other therapeutic drugs that investigated for transdermal drug delivery . – promising areas in drug delivery nanotechnology Nano. Enabled drug delivery offers tremendous advantages over the current forms of drug delivery such as improved solubility, commendable bio – availability, better targeting and controlled delivery. – Nanotechnology-based drug delivery market is expected to garner $ 700 – $ 800 billion in revenue by 2015. Says Findlay, The market by the expanding horizon of therapeutic applications are driven venture capital in nanotechnology in nanotechnology drug delivery companies have been increasing and have therefore provided a positive spin to the market growth. .

For many pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, alliances with pure-play drug delivery companies offer the best opportunities to gain access to new technologies, this can be a key strategy for pharmaceutical keep players on their market presence.

March another in the exacerbations of in COPDNew research shows that some exacerbations in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease even the most probability to repeat exacerbation enhance, full of , even after five day asymptomatic recreational – is bad news for patients with COPD, wherein any exacerbations can go the progress of the sickness. – This concept is that exacerbation no accident that did important implication of to analyze data from clinical trials and identifies a certain high-risk time for periodic exacerbation while prevention measures could be directed, wrote lead author, John Hurst, which Royal Free and the University College Medical School London.