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We will examine understand the difference between empathy and apologyLast week

We will examine understand the difference between empathy and apologyLast week, Sorry Works! made two presentations in California, one in Los Angeles. With the Hospital Association of Southern California, and the other in Napa, CA for a large med – time insurance Both large audience, and some great questions from the audience. – issue of Napa: ‘There seems to understand some of our members docs the difference between the difference between empathy and apology some of the documents in their oral and written statements go too far with patients and families, the pass of apparent mistakes, they act in the empathize empathize and if the investigation shows no error has occurred, it is very difficult to make back to the patient or family, what do we do ‘ .

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2 From 1st April 2005, the function of Health Development Agency be transmitted which National Institute for Clinical Excellence The new organization will its the National Institute for healthcare. And Clinical Excellence is the independent organization of be responsible for the national guidance on to promotion of good health and the prevention and treatment diseases, the Web address on 1 Be. The nation Institute for Clinical Excellence is part of the the NHS. Is the independent organization of charge the interests of national guidelines for treatments and maintenance for those who to the the NHS of England and Wales. His leadership being to help for medical professionals and patients and their carers unto them, attend decisions about treatment and public health. 4 The Health Development Agency means the national authorities what does human health people’s health and on health inequalities It works partnerships partnership to collect evidence of what works to discuss on classes and capabilities of to all those to developed improve people’s health.

Develop It Centre for Public Health Excellence leaders into nine key areas of public healthcare. The matters cover areas at 2004 White Paper identifying Choose health care: Smoking and tobacco control, obesity, nutrition, exercise and physical activity, of alcohol, sexual health and mental health. NICE be also find instructions on other vital governmental policy: drug use, promote the health of children and teenagers and accident injuries. Andrew Dillon, CEO of Nice, Acting Chief Executive of HDA said, will be represent the creation of new NICE, a three-month experts clinical the clinical and public health using the tools most effective the most effective prevention to heal and cultivate in order to why we are launching why we are launching the consultation for practitioners and policy the public for their views on the proposed objectives and operating model of ask for center for Public Health of excellence. – This paper will be a large audience, including NHS makers, nurses, doctors communal staff and people who in parts of volunteer and the private sector want to us in us all in the delivery in the provision of public health play to play, so that the new guidelines useful for on those that need to put it into practice.