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Cancer: Will Right now there Ever Be A Cure?

Cancer: Will Right now there Ever Be A Cure? It is no question there are so couple of ‘natural treatments’ for devastating diseases. If I had been a conspiracy theorist, I would say it’s because the medical sector doesn’t want to find ‘natural cures tadalafil omdömen .’ If a natural treat were found for cancers, for example, oncologists and the complete traditional ‘cancer fighting’ network will be looking for another specialty. Or another line of work. The pharmaceutical industry doesn’t want to locate a natural cure for cancer because there is no income in a remedy. Big Pharma makes its money selling items that at best just manage symptoms that are not life threatening but ongoing.

Cancer sector trying to co-opt most recent potential natural cure – frankincense ‘There is not one, but many treatments for cancer available. But they are all being suppressed by systematically. The main oncology centers. They have too much of a pastime in the status quo,’ stated Dr Robert Atkins, MD, creator of the Atkins Diet plan, after his medical permit was suspended for curing cancer individuals with ozone therapy during the 1960s. The cancer industry keeps doing just what Dr. Atkins explained. It is amazing how many cures do exist while many suffer and die from ‘accepted’ incredibly expensive toxic chemotherapy and radiation treatments. At least 100 natural cancer cures have already been used and discovered successfully without side effects since 1920.