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Bullying prevalent in universities still.

Bullying prevalent in universities still, say researchers Despite a dramatic upsurge in public awareness and anti-bullying legislation nationwide, the prevalence of bullying is still probably the most pressing issues facing our nation's youth, regarding to a written report by researchers from Clemson Professional and University Data Analysts Inc ., and published by the Hazelden Base. Bullying continues to influence a lot of kids in all age groups, with the best prevalence observed in 4th and third grades, where approximately 22 % of schoolchildren report they are bullied two or three times or more monthly, said Sue Limber, co-author of the survey and professor in the Institute on Family and Neighborhood Lifestyle at Clemson.

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Bulimia Treatment Treatment of bulimia involves behavioral therapy and nutritional guidance usually. Most eating disorders aren’t about food but about self-esteem and self-perception. Therapy is definitely most reliable when it specializes in the issues that cause the behavior, than on the behavior itself rather. Individual therapy, coupled with group therapy and family members therapy, is often the most helpful. Group therapy, where people with the same disease get together and share their experiences with the assistance of a therapist, seems to work very well for people with bulimia. Effective nutritional counseling for bulimia will focus on normalizing diet and eating habits.