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Privately possessed company located in Auburn.

Bruker closes acquisition of Michrom Today announced the closing of its acquisition of Michrom Bioresources Bruker, Inc. , a 20 year old, privately possessed company located in Auburn, California, after receiving unanimous Michrom shareholder authorization . The acquisition is not likely to have a material effect on Bruker’s 2011 financials. All previous Michrom employees have been offered work by Bruker, and Michrom’s founder, Mr.

Brown: Mass. Voters shouldn’t need to pay for national health reform The Washington Post: ‘Even though many are describing the election to fill the late Edward M. Kennedy’s Senate chair as a referendum on nationwide health-treatment reform, the Republican candidate rode to success on a message more nuanced than flat-out level of resistance to universal health coverage: Massachusetts citizens, he said, already had insurance and really should not have elsewhere to cover it. Mitt Romney ‘ and has ‘not really disavowed his support for the state’s laws. Looking for national universal insurance means sending cash from states which have tried hard to expand insurance, in the Northeast and Midwest mostly, to states which have not, mostly in the South and West’ .