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Director of Breast Imaging and Intervention at George Washington University INFIRMARY in Washington.

Breast-specific gamma imaging identifies concealed breast cancer Breast-Particular Gamma Imaging is certainly been shown to be an effective approach to identifying mammographically and clinically occult breast cancer. BSGI is normally a molecular breast imaging technique that can find lesions independent of tissue density and discover very early stage cancers read more . Relating to findings presented today at the annual conference of the Radiological Society of North America in this research of women where breasts cancer had been suspected via mammogram or physical examination, BSGI identified additional suspicious lesions in 29 % of the individuals and discovered a previously unsuspected cancers in 9 % of women.

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We believe our technology has the potential to allow individuals with respiratory insufficiency to experience greater mobility and participation in actions of everyday living,’ said Larry Mastrovich, Breathe Systems, President and CEO. Multiple clinical studies have demonstrated that patients with respiratory insufficiency can benefit from noninvasive ventilation. Existing ventilator technology is overweight and bulky to assist in patient ambulation virtually. It is found in conjunction with the patient’s existing oxygen source providing the individual with both augmented ventilation and supplemental oxygen..