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CoDa Therapeutics raises $19 generic ed drugs.

CoDa Therapeutics raises $19.2 million in Series B financing CoDa Therapeutics, Inc generic ed drugs . Announced today that it has elevated $19.2 million in a string B financing. Current investors Domain Associates, GBS Venture BioPacificVentures and Companions participated in the round. The company expects additional Series B financing with participation from additional investors in a second closing, scheduled for another date.

But considerable evidence demonstrates stratospheric aerosol geoengineering is occurring – – and has been for many years already. There is a mountain of scientific data to verify the reality of ‘global dimming,’ explains the chemtrail source Geoengineering Watch. Atmospheric aerosol saturation greatly [affects] wind patterns and diminishes precipitation general leading to droughts of unprecedented scope and level. Lack of [photosynthesis], destruction of the ozone layer, decrease in global rainfall, loss of blue sky, toxification of waters and soils, these are just a few of the known consequences of the global atmospheric spraying.