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Cleaning patient rooms with combination of chemicals and UV light cuts transmission of superbugs In a hospital, everything you can't see could hurt you. Healthcare facilities continue to fight drug-resistant organisms such as methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus that loiter on areas even after patient areas have been cleaned and may cause new, infections sometimes-deadly commom ed causes . But a new study from Duke Medicine has discovered that using a mix of chemicals and UV light to completely clean patient rooms cut transmission of four major superbugs by a cumulative 30 % among a specific band of patients – – those that stay overnight in an area where someone with a known positive culture or disease of a drug-resistant organism acquired previously been treated.

The group also reports a big change in the dogs’ vocalization relating to auditory stimulus; while rescue canines spent more time silent than boarding canines. Overall, canines spent the longest amount of time silent during classical music , and the least amount of time silent during control periods. These findings claim that classical music promot[sera] even more restful behaviors that might be connected with a reduced stress level, write co-workers and Kogan in the Journal of Veterinary Behavior. Furthermore, they observed a lot more body shaking – a behavior suggestive of anxiety or nervousness – among the canines when heavy metal music was played, particularly the track ‘Angel of Death’ by Judas Priest, which induced more shaking than did any of the various other auditory exposures significantly.