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A company developing products produced from natural sources.

Bioxodes completes seed financing circular to bring Ir-CPI item into pre-clinical development Bioxodes has full possession of the patent following an contract with the University of Brussels Bioxodes SA, a company developing products produced from natural sources, offers completed a EUR 2.6 million first seed funding round with a consortium of business angels and Belgian investment funds priligy france more info . EUR 1.6 million is from the European Regional Advancement Fund and the Walloon Area in Belgium via the Retech system for Analysis and Technology. 5 years. Bioxodes, led by its founding CEO and chief scientific officer, Professor Edmond Godfroid, is certainly exploiting the outcomes of function conducted by his previous group at the Ectoparasite Molecular Biology Device at the University of Brussels , which centered on establishing the molecular basis of host-parasite relationships.

As a conclusion, the biosensors will facilitate the medical diagnosis of certain diseases; those situated in the lungs mainly, at the original stages of the condition, that could increase considerably the probability of survival.. Biosensors with the capacity of detecting lung tumor in exhaled breath Tecnalia, through the Interreg task Medisen, is adding to develop biosensors with the capacity of detecting the current presence of tumour markers of lung malignancy in exhaled breath. That is possible due to the noticeable changes created within the organism of an ill person, adjustments reflected in the exhaled breath of the individual and which enable identifying the presence of this kind of marker through the initial levels of the condition.