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Published in the winter edition of the American Journal of Clinical Hypnotherapy.

Substitute treatment for autism targets controlling the ‘fight or flight’ response A novel method of treating children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder may help them navigate their world by teaching them to turn their symptoms into strengths. In this article Symptoms as Solutions: Hypnosis and Biofeedback for Autonomic Regulation in Autism Spectrum Disorders, published in the winter edition of the American Journal of Clinical Hypnotherapy, Dr. Laurence Sugarman, a researcher and pediatrician at Rochester Institute of Technology, details a treatment technique that teaches affected children how exactly to control their psychophysiology and behavior using computerized biofeedback and scientific hypnosis .

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In a pre-specified secondary analysis in the subgroup of patients with baseline TG > 750 mg/dL, representing 39 percent of most patients, the effect of AMR101 in reducing TG levels was even more pronounced even. In this combined group, the median reduction in TG amounts from placebo was 45 percent for 4 grams and 33 percent for 2 grams, both statistically significant> Significantly, AMR101 did not result in a rise in median LDL-C compared to placebo at either dosage in comparison to placebo with both of the AMR101 treated groupings . There were also statistically significant reductions in several important lipid markers, including Apo B, Lp-PLA2 , VLDL-C and Total Cholesterol.