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NY Times editorial.

Cancer Avoidance Coalition submits petition on imminent health hazard from hormonal meat Seeing that reported in a March 18, NY Times editorial, ‘Honest Meals Labels,’ FDA Commissioner, Margaret Hamburg, M.D., publicized letters to 17 food businesses accusing them of – – ‘masking undesirable ingredients’ – – in their products natural ed treatments . She also emphasized the importance of ‘providing nutrition details that consumers can rely on.’ Unfortunately, she has failed to take such action with regard to both major dietary staples, meat and milk.

The content is solely the duty of the principal investigator and does not necessarily represent the state watch of the NIH. IMPROVING RADIATION THERAPY One crucial challenge in radiation therapy has always been how better to minimize damage to normal tissue while delivering therapeutic dosages to cancers cells. Intensity-modulated radiation therapy can be an advanced kind of radiation treatment that utilizes computer-managed linear accelerators to deliver precise radiation doses to tumors while avoiding critical organs. Clinicians can use IMRT to treat difficult-to-reach tumors – such as for example tumors in the mind, head, neck, prostate, lung and liver – with fresh levels of accuracy.