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CLC Bio unveils fresh framework for visualizing.

CLC Bio unveils fresh framework for visualizing, combining and analyzing genome data Today at the Copenhagenomics conference, CLC bio offers revealed Genomics Gateway – a new framework for visualizing, analyzing and combining genome data. The first version targets comparative filtering of genomic variants, giving scientists an easy and easy method to do useful classification and filtering of SNPs or additional kind of genomic variants, using multiple data resources, including external public databases. This framework presents users a fast and easy method to accomplish further downstream analyses also to combine them with existing understanding . Director of Scientific Software program Solutions at CLC bio, Dr.

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Weight control, physical activity, and diet are among the most important components of cancer avoidance. If people realize that simply by altering their eating habits and adopting a far more physically active way of life they can lower their risk of cancers, many lives could be spared, said Bandera, who was also involved in the World Cancer Analysis Fund/American Institute for Malignancy Research Second Statement on Food, Nutrition, PHYSICAL EXERCISE and the Prevention of Cancer and is currently serving as an associate of the WCRF/AICR Constant Update Professional Panel, which aims to concern international dietary tips for cancer prevention (..