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Childrens Healthcare of Atlanta has acquired Toshiba America Medical Systems.

.. Children’s Health care of Atlanta acquires Toshiba’s Aplio MX ultrasound system To improve clinical performance in fetal echocardiography with advanced imaging applications, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta has acquired Toshiba America Medical Systems, Inc. The Children’s Sibley Heart Center’s Aplio MX features Differential Tissue Harmonics Imaging, Toshiba’s unique, patented harmonics technology. This technology gives important diagnostic details when imaging a fetal center and helps increase comparison resolution so doctors can differentiate tissue even more distinctly.Dr. Schneider concludes, ‘Our evaluation from PROactive suggests that patients with diabetes, macrovascular disease, and CKD can be treated effectively to lessen the occurrence of major cardiovascular endpoints.’ The researchers warn that their conclusions usually do not necessarily apply to diabetics at lower cardiovascular risk. Dr. Schneider adds, ‘These benefits of pioglitazone in individuals with CKD should be seen with caution until confirmatory data of our results are provided.’.

Bacterium’s S-level secretes many therapeutic proteins By adapting an individual protein on the top of bacterium Caulobacter crescentus, experts at the University of Uk Columbia have turned it right into a protein creation factory, making useful proteins that may become vaccines and drugs.