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Celerion announces launch of new Hybrid Stage I/ ECG Core lab Celerion.

Celerion announces launch of new Hybrid Stage I/ ECG Core lab Celerion, the premier supplier of innovative early stage clinical research solutions, announces the launch of a new Hybrid Phase I/ ECG Core lab . The Hybrid Stage I/ ECG Core laboratory provides highly automated ECG analysis for Celerion’s global Phase I scientific network. Celerion’s highly automated strategy employs cutting-edge technology to execute automated measurement of ECG recordings, thus minimizing cardiologist review and providing clients with faster usage of data.

Each woman agreed to undergo a fine needle aspiration and ductal lavage to remove breast epithelium cells both before and after six months of celecoxib treatment. These samples were available for analysis in 26 high-risk women. The experts assessed the difference in estrogen receptor levels before and after treatment. They discovered that the average pre – and post-treatment estrogen receptor expression was 30.8 % and 21.8 %, respectively, which is a statistically significant difference. Arun says they are continuing to examine the influence of celecoxib on additional cancer risk markers in breasts cells, such as EGFR, HER2, Ki-67 and Bcl-2..