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When should medical reconstruction be considered for ACL injuries?

A procedure for the ruptured anterior cruciate ligament Up to 70 percent of all anterior cruciate ligament injuries occur in a noncontact environment through a pivot or reducing motion. When should medical reconstruction be considered for ACL injuries? Isolated anterior cruciate ligament injuries take into account up to fifty % of all ligamentous accidental injuries to the knee and also have been reported to occur in an estimated 1 in 3000 people in the general population read more . However, as 95 percent of ACL accidents occur in people between the age groups of 16 and 45, the recalculated incidence in this generation is 1 in 1750 people. For these normally healthy young people this damage can have devastating effects, both for a while by limiting safe activity levels, and in the long run as the resultant instability predisposes the joint to chondral and meniscal damage, and early osteoarthritis..


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