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Causes Of ERECTION DYSFUNCTION And Natural Herbal Remedies Males.

Causes Of ERECTION DYSFUNCTION And Natural Herbal Remedies Males, who cannot achieve or maintain erection, are reported to be suffering from erection dysfunction. Psychological and physical factors behind erection dysfunction include diabetes, weight problems, low testosterone, high blood circulation pressure, increased consumption of alcohol, stress, depression, relationship issues and fatigue. Men, who take part in frequent hands practice, are likely to damage tissues and nerves in reproductive organs . If it’s not treated in time, such men may suffer from impotence.

* Behavioural therapy: This is a form of therapy that assists people determine and develop skills to change behavior and thoughts, which include knowing of the discomfort and developing better coping skills. This can help in realizing the cause of the pain and reducing it. It also helps reduce the stress caused by the pain and subsequently impacts the chemical reaction of the mind, making the body’s natural pain relief response more powerful. This type of therapy might include a combination of medication, meditation and weight loss. * Spinal manipulation: This treatment could be used by a chiropractor, osteopathic doctor or other qualified health professionals.