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Gil Kerlikowske.

Often called ‘rate’ or ‘ice,’ meth is usually obtainable as a crystal-like powdered element or in large rock-like chunks. Meth users are prone to violence and neglectful behavior that may affect their kids and neighbors. The chemicals found in meth production are flammable and highly toxic, posing a threat to both environment and residents.. Anti-methamphetamine ad marketing campaign launched in meth prevalent states The White House Workplace of National Drug Control Plan Director, Gil Kerlikowske, today unveiled a fresh anti-methamphetamine ad campaign launched in Missouri and in the united states, with particular concentrate on 16 Says where meth prevalence, and lab incidents and seizures, are high.The study is published in today’s problem of the journal Pediatrics.

Colorectal tumor survivors at greater risk of developing second cancer: Study Colorectal tumor survivors face an increased risk of developing subsequent cancers, second colorectal cancers and small intestinal cancers particularly. That is the summary of a fresh study published early on the web in Cancer tumor, a peer-reviewed journal of the American Cancer tumor Society. The findings may help in the development of screening guidelines for patients with a history of colorectal cancer. Studies have found that colorectal cancer survivors have a greater threat of developing another malignancy weighed against the general people. Amanda Phipps, PhD, MPH, of the University of Washington and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Middle in Seattle, and her co-workers looked to observe whether that elevated risk differed for people depending on where their previous cancers was located within the colon or rectum.