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Assault on the personal privacy of your mind Where do these insane professors come from?

This last area of research is significant particularly. It reveals the neuroscience bias toward assuming all ‘non-scientific’ experience originates from physiological causes. Basically, everything we do, believe, feel, or state is completely grounded in the physical. This version of materialism may be the justification for handling and manipulating human life. If we’re just biological devices, as these experts assert, what difference does it make how we’re re-engineered? If all our thoughts could be made public and universally available, why not do it? You will want to wipe out all privacy and create the ultimate capstone on the Surveillance State? Of training course, ‘it’s for our very own good.’ It always is..

Argos Therapeutics presents AGS-004 autologous dendritic cell therapy Stage 2a trial data at 19th CAHR Argos Therapeutics today announced the demonstration of data from the Phase 2a trial of AGS-004, demonstrating that the personalized immunotherapy has a positive impact on the genetic diversity of residual HIV virus, and in addition outcomes in substantially increased period to viral rebound in HIV patients treated with AGS-004 following antiretroviral therapy interruption. The data were discussed in an oral presentation at the 19th Annual Canadian Conference on HIV/AIDS Study , held Might 13-16, 2010 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.