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The annual EmTech@MIT conference offers you access to the newest labs.

Annual EmTech@MIT conference to showcase important emerging technologies WHAT: Are you interested in seeing groundbreaking demos of the very most sophisticated and innovative systems of today? The annual EmTech@MIT conference offers you access to the newest labs, companies, and entrepreneurs from around the global world. EmTech@MIT is filled with groundbreaking demos, thought-provoking keynotes, interactive breakout sessions, and opportunities for exclusive networking with our senior-level target audience.I’m not sure who enjoyed it more, myself, the classroom teachers or the children! All of the events marking Mind Consciousness Week in Bristol 2009 take place thanks to the partnership of principal sponsor, The Physiological Culture, with support from Analysis Councils UK , MRC, At-Bristol, and UWE. The workshop is part of a program of events, occurring around Brain Awareness Week [18 to 22 March 2009], assisting neuroscientists celebrate the brain with the social folks of Bristol.

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