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Reunion Information

Classes of 1937 – 1946

Ethel (Smead) Beal, ’42 
     Phone: 760-347-1738
Please contact your class’s representative (below)
if your mailing address or other information needs updating.
John Payson Gump, 1937: 623-974-5313 or
Ruth (Gump) Leslie, 1938: 928-477-2649
Mary (Johnson) Schmorhun, 1939: 760-398-0052
Madison Payne, 1940: 909-845-0978
Lilian (Abrams) Williams, 1941: 760-347-0022
Ethen (Smead) Beal, 1942: 760-347-1738
Kathryn (Hermann) Erickson, 1943: 760-346-1172
Tellis Codekas, 1944: 760-399-5909
Hallie (McGaughy) Adams, 1945: 760-360-6452
Elvera (Polikronis) Codekas, 1946: 760-399-5909
Classes of 1948 – 1950
Dick Gurney
    Phone: 713-777-0083
Jo Connors
    Phone: 760-347-0598

Classes of 1950 – 1959
A ’50s reunion is being planned for 2010.
Art Montoya 1956
Ernie Moreno 1956
Gene Grant 1957
Adeline (Muñoz) Simister 1957

Class of 1951
Priscilla (Preciado) Garcia Phone: 760-347-6469
Patricia (Spencer) Winterton
Sam Sims
This class held their 55 year class reunion on October 14, 2006
at the Coachella Valley Historical Museum in Indio. For more
information or to make sure that the committee has your current
address, please contact one of the classmates above.
Class of 1953
Marilyn Lee Phone: 760-340-2774
Jeanne (Yerty) Poe
Class of 1954
Elizabeth (Lendrum) Talley
Esther (Flores) Meraz
This class held their Golden Reunion in October, 2004.
For more information, please call one of the ladies listed above,
or send email to
Class of 1955
This class held their 50 year reunion for October of 2005.
For information or to update your address please call:Emmalene (Smith)
Nichols at 760-342-3005 or Cathy (Richter) Priem at 951-765-9097.
Class of 1956
This class held their 50 year reunion on October 21, 2006.
Art Montoya, Rita (Yoxsimer) Steffen, Ernie Moreno, Wanda (Spivey)
Boydstun are on the organizing committee.
Class of 1957
Adeline (Muñoz) Simister
Robert King
Gene Grant
George Sicre
Cheryl (Walker) Ward
This class held a 50 year reunion on Saturday, October 20,
2007 at Fantasy Springs Resort and Casino in Indio, CA.
Members of the classes of ’55, ’56, ’57, ’58, and ’59 attended.

Class of 1958 
Pat (Ward) Ruth
760-772-6408 (H)
760-721-6590 (Summer)
Judy (Kretz) Hansen
760-343-7369 (H)
760-799-8915 (C)
This class is planning a 50 year reunion for November 1-2,

2008 at Del Webb Sun City Palm Desert. The reunion will
be on Saturday with a brunch planned for Sunday. They are
also inviting the CVHS Classes of 1957 and 1959 to join them.
Class of 1959
Terry (Garcia) Zamorez
Diane (Hinkle) Carter
Richard Ramirez
   760-341-0755 (H)
   760-217-1517 (C)
This class held their 45-year reunion on October 30, 2004.
For more information, contact one of the people listed above.
Class of 1960
Cecilia (Contreras) Woodward
    Phone: 760-776-0140
Marcella (Canales) Hinkle
Marilynn Smith
    Phone: 281-516-7236

Jan (Duncan) Rogers

Class of 1961

Mary Counts Branson
Ruben Castro
Patti Esparza DeMarbiex
Dorie Montez Hein
Keith Hinkle
Larry Miller
Sylvia Montañez Sharp
Sharon Campbell Taylor                                                                                                                           
David and Diane (Butts) Hinkle
    Phone: 760-564-7767

Class of 1964

Mary Ann (Garcia) Garza
This class held their 40-year reunion on October 2, 2004,
at Del Webb’s Sun City in Palm Desert. For more information,
please contact Mary Ann (above).  
Class of 1966
Paula (Jenkins) Schnarr
    Mail: 14595 Lake Vista Drive, Sonora, CA  95370

    Phone: 209-536-1254

Classes of 1968, 1969, & 1970
Patti (Wooten) Hargrove (’68)
Sally Ceja (’69)
J Moreno (’69)
Peggy (Powers) Young (’70)
Lupe Pasillas (’70)
These classes are planning a joint reunion for
October 17, 2009 at Indian Wells Country Club.

Class of 1972
Rebecca (Pillow) McGraw
    Phone: 760-863-1800
Kathy (Schoch) Garczynski
    Phone: 760-347-9765
Class of 1973
Leslie (Clark) Netzley
Monica (Rodriguez) Bazua
   760-399-5137, ext 245
Classes of 1974-1975-1976
Mary Lou (Garcia) Marrujo, ’75
   760-399-5137, ext. 288
Gloria (Limon) Velasquez, ’74
   760-399-5137, ext. 297
Chris (Herrera) MacDavid
30th reunion was held on Saturday October 22, 2005.
Indian Palms Country Club & Resort, Palm Terrace.
48-630 Monroe St. Indio, CA.

Class of 1979
Alma Gomez

Their 30 year reunion is set for Saturday, November 14, 2009.

Class of 1980
Anita Meraz
    Mail: PO Box 1101, Thermal, CA  92274
    Phone: 760-399-8204    
    Fax: 760-399-1052
Class of 1982
Frank Ceja
    Phone: 760-399-5137, ext 204 or
Class of 1983
Pete Alvarez
Class of 1984
Ruthy Rodriguez
For information regarding this class’s reunion, please contact Ruthy.


Class of 1985
Mirta Saldivar-Lerma
Be sure to contact Mirta to make sure your name and address
are current in the class’s database.
Class of 1987
Al Ortiz

A 20 year reunion was held on Saturday, October 13, 2007 at
Fantasy Springs Casino in Indio, CA.

Class of 1989
Elena Mendoza

A 20 year reunion will be held on the weekend of November 6th thru 8th, 2009.
Please contact Elena Mendoza for more details or to make reservations.
Click the Groups icon at and search on CVHS Class of 1989
to join the group.

Class of 1989 Twenty Year Reunion Schedule of Events

Class of 1991
Jacquie (Gummer) Calderon
    Mail: PO Box 1235, La Quinta, CA  92253
    Phone: 760-347-6165                                   
    Fax: 760-564-7790
Class of 1993
Donna (Que) Edralin
   CVHSclass of
Maribel Solis
Class of 1994
Yaneth Chavez
Ruby Rubio
If you wish to make sure your name, mailing address, phone,
email address, etc., are current in the class database,
please be sure to contact one of your classmates above.

Class of 1995

Anna Gonzalez
Melina Duarte
Renee (Calderon) Vargas

This class held their 10-year reunion at the Corona Yacht
Club on October 29, 2005.
If you want to make sure your name is in the class database with
correct address and telephone information, be sure to contact Anna
or Melina.
Class of 1996
Monica Rodriguez
This class held their 10-year reunion for October 14, 2006
at Palm Valley Country Club.
Be sure to contact Monica to make sure your name and address
are current in the class’s database.
Class of 1997
Lizzeth Chavez


This class held their 10-year reunion for October of 2007.
Please contact Lizzeth to update your address information.

Class of 1998
Planning Committee:
Susana Duran
Janell Huerta
Lisa Garcia
Denise Mestas
Marlene Garza
Charlie Garcia
Eddie Muñoz


This class is planning their 10-year reunion for November of 2008.
Please contact Susana to update your address, email, and contact
information. Also, please visit their website for more information on
the reunion as well as upcoming fundraisers and events.

Class of 1999
Olivia (Zepeda) Magaña
Danielle (Campbell) Hernandez

This class will be holding their 10-year class reunion on Saturday, December 11, 2009.