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But Nina Marcellino and her family say the problem is more than just changing the lexicon

But Nina Marcellino and her family say the problem is more than just changing the lexicon.Adopted until 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act Americans with Disabilities Act that banned many forms of discrimination against disabled people, but it was not until much later that the terminology changed.

‘I’m Nick,’said Kris Alexander Eschauzier of Portland, ‘My brother Blake is ‘mentally retarded ‘and oh, how I hated it and I still do when people around those phrases like ‘retard’and throw ‘that’s so retarded. ‘. Continue reading

With kind permission of It may total Kaiser Daily Health Policy is Report show.

The new evidence suggests that any unused medicine in the trash a better option in order to limit the risk of poisoning and at the same time curb pollution of water and air effectiveness of treatment .

The new study found:When half of the people thrown away unused medicine and half took them back to the pharmacy, The compliance of active pharmaceutical ingredients in the environment would be reduced by 93 % compared to today. If everyone has their own personal medication discarded, these amounts would be reduced by 88 %. The 5 – % improvement in emissions by the pharmaceutical take-back programs would come at considerable cost, possibly more than a billion dollars per year, with a 300 per cent increase in other emissions such as greenhouse gases and smog-forming substances. ‘No one ever all the emissions added added disposal of drugs,’said Steve Skerlos, a professor in the departments of Mechanical Engineering and Civil and Environmental Engineering , and co-author of the study. ‘If the the available evidence to support redemption, it does not just agree. ‘. Continue reading

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