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Regular meetings of the Board of Directors are held on the second Tuesday of each month, except July and August,
at 6:00 PM, at the Publications Office at CVHS. Turn right inside the Senior Door (pictured below) then turn left.
All Alumni and friends are welcome.

Officers for 2009 – 2011

Rich Ramirez (1959) – President
Harriet Macknicki (1975) – Vice President
Mary Jo Ivy (1960) – Corresponding Secretary
Ray Rivas (1960) – Treasurer
Art Montoya (1956) – Golf Chairman 

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Clean teeth could save your valuable life!

Clean teeth could save your valuable life! Researchers in New Zealand tell you good dental hygiene might help save lives. The experts from the University of Otago, Dunedin, have discovered a new link between gum disease and heart disease which provides to a considerable body of analysis linking gum disease with cardiovascular disease and stroke. Heart disease is definitely the leading reason behind death world-wide but many people with cardiovascular disease have none of the normal risk factors such as smoking, obesity and raised chlesterol – gum disease is one of the most common infections of humans and a number of theories have already been suggested to clarify the link between oral infections and cardiovascular disease . Continue reading

The intensity of teaching on the bench is varied.

Do 15 reps if you can.. Building and Repairing Muscle mass Using the Bench Press It really is a widely accepted reality that to ensure that you to be successful in the bench press you need to train a whole lot using the bench press itself and ensuring that you utilize huge weights in order to prepare your body to manage to lifting similar quantities whenever it really is called upon to. For many, the intensity of teaching on the bench is varied. Some may be comfortable working for two times in weekly while some could find it feasible to train on the bench on daily basis. However you interpret this strength it comes after that the reason for training is to make the muscles as comfortable as possible with the weights involved. Continue reading

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Merely to be sure you clean it before using the tub again. You might observe that the travelling yoga exercises mat is quite thin. If you would like some added comfort throughout your yoga exercises, you can put a rug or a towel under it constantly. This way, you’ll have a soft but provides high traction surface. This would enable you to shift in one placement to another easily. Just remember to help make the rug or the towel equally placed directly under the mat for security reasons. Because this sort of yoga exercise mat offers many advantages, it is best that you get a single for yourself highly. You can avail a traveling mat at any sports activities or yoga stores. However, they don’t possess a stock of it at fine times. Continue reading

The research is published in this months Gastroenterology.

Aspirin controls two key processes to kill bowel cancers cells Aspirin kills cancers cells by controlling two essential processes that impact energy use in cells and may explain how aspirin may prevent bowel malignancy. The research is published in this month’s Gastroenterology generic priligy australia . Cancer Study UK-funded scientists have discovered that aspirin switches off mTOR, a protein that is overactive in bowel cancer cells. MTOR takes on a part in allowing malignancy cells to produce excessive proteins causing them to grow faster than they should. At the same time, aspirin activates another proteins, AMPK, which switches on pathways that generate energy but halts additional procedures in the cell that require energy, including mTOR. Continue reading

Including cells inside our very own bodies.

A little protein within bee venom known as melittin can break open up the protective epidermis which surrounds all cells, including cells inside our very own bodies, and the membranes which enclose bacterias. If the experts can combine both of these traits within a version, they desire to produce a stronger antibacterial item which is way better tolerated by mammals, including people. Alison Qua can be searching at the molecular framework of melittin using magnetic resonance systems to discover how minute adjustments in the framework of the melittin molecules modification the way they have an effect on living organisms. The molecular proof gathered out of this investigation may recommend variations of similar proteins that could also are effective antibiotics. Continue reading

In a thorough paper to be released in THE BRAND NEW England Journal of Medication on May 27.

ACMG Executive Director Michael S. Watson, PhD, FACMG said, ‘ With ClinGen and ClinVar now in place to manage the big data problem inherent in medical genomics, we are well positioned to enable extensive data sharing among clinician and laboratories. This is expected to significantly improve our knowledge of the clinical implications of genetic variation and its own role in improving individual and population wellness.’ ClinGen's mission is to build a genomic knowledgebase to boost patient caution. Continue reading

China has developed very good tolerance.

China Plays Down Meals Safety Problems The official downplayed China’s meals safety woes about Tuesday, saying they weren’t as poor as reported while showing off seized counterfeits from chewing gum to soy sauce that highlighted its continuing issue with fakes tolerance . China has developed ‘very good, very full methods’ to modify product security, Li Dongsheng, vice minister for the constant state Administration for Sector and Commerce, told about 130 international and domestic reporters on a government-organized trip. Continue reading

Botulinum toxin may also successfully treat extreme facial discomfort called trigeminal neuralgia.

A placebo-controlled medical trial is required to confirm our results, including a follow-up period than 60 days much longer, said Piovesan.. Botulinum toxin treats trigeminal neuralgia There is another use for botulinum toxin which includes brought relief for some who have problems with migraines and eye spasms. Botulinum toxin may also successfully treat extreme facial discomfort called trigeminal neuralgia, in the October 25 relating to a report published, 2005, problem of Neurology, the scientific journal of the American Academy of Neurology. Trigeminal neuralgia can be a problem seen as a sudden, severe, stabbing, or shock-like pain generally felt on one aspect of the jaw or cheek. The pain lasts many seconds and may be repeated in some attacks. Pursuits like talking, brushing tooth, or swallowing can result in an attack. Continue reading

Bayer Health care receives FDA acceptance for Stivarga to take care of colorectal cancer The U.

The National Institutes of Wellness estimates 143,460 Us citizens shall be identified as having colorectal tumor, and 51,690 will die from the condition in 2012. The protection and efficiency of Stivarga had been evaluated within a clinical study of 760 sufferers with previously treated metastatic colorectal tumor. Patients were randomly designated to get Stivarga or placebo furthermore to best supportive treatment , which include treatments to greatly help manage unwanted effects and symptoms of cancers. Sufferers received treatment until their cancers aspect or progressed results became unacceptable. Continue reading

Are You Using The Best Cream For Wrinkles?

It is because clinical studies have proved creams that contain the above three substances are the most effective anti aging formulas. The three ingredients will be the cosmetic world’s esteemed and potent ones for fighting aging signs. A cream laced with these becomes a powerhouse of youth and beauty. Hydroxatone wrinkle cream can be one particular skin formula. Research prove that Matrixyl 3000 reduces wrinkles by 44 percent. In addition, it works on deep wrinkles. This ingredient is an excellent collagen booster. Scientists have proved the standard of Argireline to relax facial muscle tissues that donate to the smoothening of lines and wrinkles. Hyaluronic Acid can be a known natural hydrator. It plumps epidermis cells with adequate moisture which means that your skin becomes perfectly hydrated and resumes its organic healing mechanism. Continue reading

Ayurveda and acupressure to avoid hair loss.

Chinese herbal remedies prevent hair thinning & stimulate natural hair restoration with no need for baldness drugs Chinese herbal products have been used for centuries by themselves and together with other choice therapies such as for example acupuncture, ayurveda and acupressure to avoid hair loss, re-grow hair and restore organic pigment to gray hair . Hair thinning has many causes, like the genetic male pattern diseases and baldness affecting glands and hormones. Lack of circulation to the scalp and vitamin deficiencies play a significant role in hair health. Continue reading

UK experts reveal.

Nevertheless, cemented THA was connected with a considerably lower price of revision surgery because of prosthesis failing than uncemented THA . Cemented and uncemented THA individuals were adopted up for a median of 3.6 and 2.6 years, respectively. The researchers discover that the complete risk difference in mortality and revision prices between your surgery types was little. However, noting the latest concentrate on the potential toxic ramifications of metal ions connected with metal-on-metallic resurfacing, the experts say it really is ironic that that process gets the lowest mortality threat of the studied osteoarthritis techniques. Continue reading

Cholera epidemics pass on through Central and West Africa affecting tens of thousands.

This content was reprinted from with permission from the Henry J. Kaiser Family members Foundation. Kaiser Health News, an editorially independent information service, is an application of the Kaiser Family members Foundation, a nonpartisan health care policy research company unaffiliated with Kaiser Permanente.. Cholera epidemics pass on through Central and West Africa affecting tens of thousands, OCHA reports Cholera epidemics have strike thousands of people and killed a lot more than 1,400 others in seven West and Central African countries because the start of year, the U.N. Continue reading

Back again to Basics With OUR MOTHER EARTH For a large number of years.

Back again to Basics With OUR MOTHER EARTH For a large number of years, humans have tapped in to the therapeutic power of OUR MOTHER EARTH and all of the plants, herbs and bouquets entirely on our planet. With a host becoming even more toxic and higher prices of disease and disease plaguing our populations, many people are seeking to natural wellness care. If you would like to start curing your complete body with herbs, check out the items by Nature’s Sunshine Items and continue reading to learn even more around three amazing herbs. Continue reading

This civil suit demands a jury to hear it les causes.

Call to action in a Monsanto Roundup course action suit A civil fit accepts a preponderance of evidence rather than evidence that proves guilt without any doubt. This civil suit demands a jury to hear it les causes . It’s just suing Monsanto for false marketing with Roundup, the world’s best selling herbicide. Based on the plaintiffs lawyer T. Matthew Phillips, the science is there and he has researchers ready to testify. If it does visit the requested jury trial, the reality disclosed within that method become area of the public domain. These details could publicly incriminate Monsanto as a toxic menace. Continue reading

Acquired immune deficiency syndrome will not disappear completely at least no right time soon.

Myron Cohen, professor of medication and epidemiology at the University of NEW YORK at Chapel Hill schools of medicine and open public health; and 16 others from as far away as Peru and Ghana. Cohen also is chief of infectious diseases at UNC Hospitals. HIV PrEP research, as with all aspects of the fight against HIV/AIDS, is made on partnerships between sponsors, investigators, governments and communities, the authors wrote. Cooperation among such diverse passions is never easy, and coalitions are fractured by acts of disrespect easily, miscommunication or misinformation. Continue reading